10 Years & 24 Days ago today..

Wall Hall no.9 My old friend and amazing artist Bert Esenherz and I finished our Wall Hall no.9 exhibit. We'd painted for a month in a large space in Hollywood and with arrival of artist Pedro Alós Chiandoni from Mexico City fro the opening night, our job was finished. What even didn't sell opening night was (for the most part on my part*) destroyed. And the film Bert made documented it. Last week I received a nice review (below) of my art from a writer and collector of my work and it reminded me to celebrate that magical time, where I got to work with a genuine and good hearted artist from New York- Bert Esenherx Here is the link to the Wall Hall page on my website: http://www.fakeart.net/Paintings/2004/September/index.html#top And this from Daniela Ardizzone: I first met David Hinnebusch when I moved to the States in 2004. I remember that he was showing his work in an unconventional gallery on Melrose and was promising to burn everything that didn't sell on the opening night. That promise intrigued me - and like me, a lot of other people. We were so worried for his art work that a lot of his pieces were sold that same evening. Whether or not he really burned the leftover paintings I do not know. What is certain is that it was a great marketing strategy. But it wouldn't surprise me either if Hinnebusch really decided to burn his paintings. His production is immense, never ending, and constantly replenished by new work. (at that show in 2004 I bought a piece that was painted on a wooden door). Hinnebusch has an uncontrollable creative urge. His paintings are a neo-expressionistic explosion of vibrant colors reflecting the complex, visionary personality. When you meet David his work makes complete sense. Tall, charming man, he looks you straight in the eye; his presence is so intense that almost makes you uncomfortable. If feels as though each piece he creates depicts some fraction of his conflictual past and his present existence, from his childhood in South Africa through a rebellious youth to his current life as a west-side Losangelino. People from his life, women in particular, often barely clothed, inhabit his paintings represented within colorful scenes that seem to be a blend of real life and imaginary scenerys. Through the use of multiple layers of paint the artists expresses his complex, multi-layered personality, communicating his emotions with absolute sincerity. strip photos by Cate Nelson pixel.png?yes__count=true [gallery]

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