Another Day of Painting

I continue a poutine of daily blogging, the dread of doing so, should transform itself into excited exuberance. Today it seems to be happening despite my non work related challenges. I can't imagine any of my professors writing this gravy out for anyone to read but I'm no professor so here I go- Well into a good run; this month and the last making this huge stack of paintings on paper- 24" x 28". Mixed media, "Nudes, Muse and Erotic Mind-scapes" and shoot, I'm tired and need to clock out and wind down and go to bed- I still have one to three more days or painting full time and then I'm done with this exciting lot! It's crazy I was thinking I wonder if anyone else feels like they are making money when they work; and I do when I'm not going through this complete dread and death process that I call mine. Maybe I should call them MINE- scapes! And oo-oo! I put the call out to a few of my sexy friends for images and they did not disappoint! So very sassy and fancy delightful hot stuff for starters as subject matter and I love painting the figure in all the ways I figure... God knows I love doing self-portraits so there are a bunch in the batch as well. A few of these will be too hot for YouTube and def. too hot for FB. The time-lapse photos I've taken so far are almost an hour long and since I will not edit the erotic ones out they will be on the my website before the end of the month. Cheers! -David P.S. I was in a group show at the SPACE Gallery in Burlington last Friday and I'm hanging art at Made Inn Vermont which might be the coolest bed and breakfast in the city! pixel.png?yes__count=true spacer.gifspacer.gif pixel.png?dont_count=true

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