Daily Art Post – March 21, 2015

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640"]Gilberts 24 x 30 in.* mixed media on paper Gilberts 24 x 30 in.* mixed media on paper[/caption] I'm supposed to be studying "R" and I will but first: butt first fade back to 1997.. I AM Sitting on the sidewalk- hot- not permit parking yet - this side of the street is parallel and the other side the cars face the bunghellows (two seniors back over another senior in front of Marks ten years later.) I am going to take the longest route to financial art success, and-not-ever-really - AND will just tweak the website for the next 10 years but not really get down to internet business. I will sell "Harriet the Spy and North to Freedom" to a family from Germany off my website and that will be it until 2013. One sale in 13 years- wait that's not true! I made more than that. Let me get back to you! You know- making sales calls which I used to do in 1988 for Ampersand in the San Fernando Valley (where I met Dawn Raider, the reason I started painting but that's a story for another time) and where I made 100 calls a day. You'd think I'd learned from Larry Gagosian or Bob Evans or Mark X Farina a thing or two about being a success in Los Angeles doing art which would be to not do art but sell art in Beverly Hills or own the property or teach at a place like Otis. I don't know about the first two guys happiness-wise (Oh wow this might be my first post about someone else!- I've been sneakily taking the "I", "me" and "my" words out of my posts to look less me-ish but really- me me me is all I though I know UNTIL I SLOWED DOWN ENOUGH TO THINK about the truly AMAZING people I've met along the way to fame and riches- and it's not going to happen like that so I might as well roll the credits!) It all started on a dark rainy grey gloomy California sunshine near 10th and Pico in Santa Monica in 1997.. The last bitter Brooklyn-er (now living joyfully near Brooks [not Hollybrook* but close] to write for HBO) had died about the Dodgers and well.. My girlfriend and I were living on Brooks Avenue in  Venice near Main Street (well fuck this is going to be my story after all but we will get to Mark in bit!) (to be continued)   *Hollybrook is a fictitious fantastical world in the Santa Monica foothills where I hope to have a studio one day.

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