Here's Johnny!

It's so funny watching YouTube, what we used to call the boob tube, and how bad my habit is now and I wonder how it took me do long to get so completely entrenched in the habit. I don't have s TV anymore or HBOetc. And I don't have Vidiots to rent, haven't seen a movie or film in the theater (Lego with my kid which was complete garbage, I liked it but what the g I c I want my kid using his own imagination that's why he has raw OG un-bullshitized Lego) Anyway, I watched a Johnny Carson biography last night it was so good and so funny and sad in turns. Malibu, Tanzania, magic, Nebraska, alcoholism. I was looking at sets- Carson's, Letterman's, etc. and thinking how terrible they were and still are. But I used to watch him I think I used to ask my parents, I do remember being able to stay up and watch Benny Hill and Python cause I was older than my siblings. Even my parents went to bed before Carson. But I liked PBS when I was 10, making a terrible chocolate what do you call it? with Julia Child. I'm printing out screen shot of Carson's view to add to my vision board. That's why my prices are #stratospheric for an emerging artist. Time to start my fake art media empire. btw I finally got to the park to exercise- holy smokes I did I forget to add emphysema to my JC list? I don't know for sure if I have it but I can't run yet (some of you remember me doing the stairs for 3 hours 3 times a week, run it for an hour 2 times a week and I was doing yoga and telling the neighbors to shut the fuck up) but not today. 3 laps with two mini fake sprints ala One Small Step Can Change Your Life- OK that's 2 Pomodoros see you in my imagination next time!

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