Hfn13 February 19 2013

HFNno.13 The Hinnebusch Fictitious Monthly, Weekly sometimes Daily Newsletter by Los Angeles artist David Hinnebusch and his trustworthy sidekick Pablum Pickerasso* THIS ISSUE:  editors note + art food music film writing life help & the business and creativity, etc. from artist David Hinnebusch art   [caption id="attachment_239" align="alignleft" width="286"]Walk On the Wild Side 36 x 36 (broken) acrylic and imagery on plexiglas Walk On the Wild Side 36 x 36 (broken) acrylic and imagery on plexiglas[/caption]   editors note Hello- This is my very first post this year and really- ever! I have been trying to make time and make sense of the idea that regular sharing of my work life via a blog will help me sell my art which is the once ugly now fantastic and exciting part of making art for a living. That's it for now feel free to read on! art "Walk on the Wild Side" has been around the studio for 10 years.  This piece doesn't have a story yet, but looking at it right now makes me think of IKEA, where I bought the green container top and IKEA-- it's weird, because I was thinking about this a couple days ago- how absolutely amazing it feels to have enough money in the bank and to have it from ones art sales and art sales alone and how these few events that I've had over the years were marked by a trip to IKEA to buy stuff you'd not dreamed of but were happy to get.  This happened last year when the fam. and I went there to buy bookshelves for all my books that had been in Apple Power-station boxes (amazing boxes btw!) that I found at SMC many years ago.     food Dinner:  1/4 a Costco Chicken $5, 1 yogurt, Desert: air popped popcorn with Faraon habanero sauce 1 glass Fresca with ice in a glass (I just found out if you mention brands in your blog someone will start sending you money! cool huh?) Breakfast: yogurt (ever since I started cooking for myself again I've had bad indigestion- also maybe because my friends have been taking me to dinner this entire month!)and a quart of Yerba Mate with Spleda Lunch: One episode of "Dragnet" and chicken soup made from 1/2 a rotisserie chicken from Costco $5 and left over Mish- Mosh from a Tues night's Canters run that my mentor and patron Glenn Hewitt bought me, plus a Christmas old egg my mom (still my #1 Patron) gave me (she gave me some real eggs as well from the Thomas Hinnebusch Farm which I will save for another day..), 1/8 a cut purple onion and some bagel ships. I just burned the hell out of my tongue so I guess this is a good time to write! ;) music ..a minute ago I was flipping through old Entropy flyers and I noticed that I'd made 5 different versions of a show we played with Wasted Youth and The Circle Jerks in 1985.. film I just watched a documentary film by Bert Esenherz about a show we did together in 2004 called Wall Hall no.9 and I was thinking how much it "holds up" over time and that I would be too embarassed for my kid to see even though I am smoking throughout the entire thing and I'm skinny as hell but (to me really and only for after all really that's who you should be trying to please I think..) I find parts of it still really funny and even etc. for instance I notice how during the part where it is only Bert and I in the movie theater he built in Bay 3 (the space we painted in consisted of three 1930s car repair bays-- his had a pit and the perfect space for his "theater" where we were going to have movie night- so anyway the part of the film where we are in his theater trying to fill the room by shooting ourselves in ever seat in the space (later to be blurred together to create the fake illusion of a full theater) I notice that I had a bit of "Withnil an I" on the screen which is one of my favorite movies and is set in the late 60s as a kind of sad alcoholic Hamlet which is why besides the lovely writing I always get a nice escape watching DUI and dolls heads notwithstanding. (wow I guess I'm blogging here! and I'm just getting warmed up-- and I should mention here that I'm only doing this with the hopes I may get back into the habit of writing everyday and that this will help me get back on my novel and that I sell some art (now kind of pricey) or some prints (not too bad price-wise) or later mention some special secret event upcoming that by then might be worth something too. But back to the point about Withnail and I.. I'm not really afraid I'm the dumb selfish miserable alcoholic played by Richard E. Grant and I don't think Bert cut his hair to get the part- but watching the scene made me think that now almost 9 years from dong Wall Hall no.9 writing This week I pulled out my copy of Jack Grapes beginners class workbook and I am reading it.. life help & the business and creativity* January 1st I...   NEXT ISSUE: more of the same PLUS  interviews with Bert Esenherz + crazy art talk with Pablum Pickerasso   #Pablum Pickerasso™ and PablumPickerassoQuotes™ will be registered trademarks of WWW.FAKEART.NET NET NET™ and Hinnebusch Fictitious Industries™ before you know it.

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