Hfn13 March 28 2013

HFNno.13 The Hinnebusch Fictitious Newsletter by Los Angeles artist David Hinnebusch and his trustworthy sidekick Pablum Pickerasso* editors note + art + food + music + film + writing +  life + help & the business of creativity, etc.. THIS ISSUE ART - "INSIDE THE MIND OF A MADMAN" EXHIBIT AT THE NAVARRO RESIDENCE APRIL 13th 2013 / WRITING - MY EYE! A NEW BOOK ON BLURB. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="435"]Red Car Head 108 x 54 in. acrylic on canvas Red Car Head 108 x 54 in. acrylic on canvas[/caption]   editors note: OK banging this out out after a hellish 2013 beginning  being sick, moving. So making art like crazy is changing- It took 10 years of shuffling the deck of  200+ paintings into fruition. Now they are safely at Weier House downtown (THEY TOOK EVERYTHING I HAD TO GIVE THEM- Thank goodness my art is 2D!!!), and at The Navarro Residence for my exhibit April 13 or sold, in peoples homes or places of business- nothing is in storage. In NYC, if I can get a foothold quick with my friend Bert Esenherz who has made a living in NYC for 30 years making his art, with one roll of canvas and a strainer given to me by Lucious Hudson, I'll be doing one huge piece and one medium sized piece at a time and then when, if or how I'll write around & what ever. It's weird, I don't like the cold in California. I dread it. But in -30 degree Quebec I was cool and we didn't have a fireplace! In Santa Monica I used my fireplace every winter (only when it rained of course) so in the end I'm excited and curious to see what the loving universe has planned! I'm not going to miss Disneyland if I'm not going there with the family but I do have classic Wonderful World of Color and Beany and Cecil to watch when I get homesick. I'm in a kick ass gallery in Highland Park, loved and collected so I'm good.  It's the only gallery I fit in L.A. My teacher Laddie John Dill told me 10 years ago to go to NYC and I was like wha..? Leave all this? The sun, the gentrification,  the orange trees (12 of you got my black orange marmalade cooked in crock pot for 12 hours -- not nearly as good as Grandma GG's 8 year old rhubarb jam I took from  her Old Ore Grading Office c.1912, in Marysvale, Utah. So now, I'm headed to NYC, reading The $12 Million Dollar Stuffed Shark by Don Thompson, and wondering how it will all come together.  And were driving across, having a show in Boulder, Colorado and maybe somewhere else. I will try to upload video. ART - Red Car Head 108 x 54 in. acrylic on canvas (seen above) has a long history.  One of my professors from my art school (Santa Monica College of Design and Art 1994-97) sent me north to Santa Maria to pick up a truck load of museum quality strainers from a well know artist who was moving to Thailand.  There are a least three paintings underneath;  an homage to one of my professors, a landscape called "Red Car" a painting of an imaginary trolley travelling above Santa Monica Blvd. in West Los Angeles [above The Nuart Theater (a place I used to sneak into and drink Old English 800 with a straw- did I say drink? I mean choke!)] and now, turned up on end- Red Car Head seems to have been conquered by the face of Detroit, a place I have been through and a state I have car business relatives  in. One a side note I am saddened the the only Gallery I've ever had art sold in Santa Monica at Bergamot Station- Track 16, has been torn down to make way for the new train system following to old path of one of the worlds greatest public transportation system the 20th century had ever know (The Red Car)   WRITING - When I was 7 or 8 my family moved to Nairobi, Kenya so my father could continue his studies in Africa Linguistics.   I followed suit (so I was thinking) by writing a couple novels and some short stories.  I loved my time there. We lived on the grounds of St. Mary's School run by the Irish(?) Holy Ghost Fathers and for a time I went to Westlands Primary because my parents didn't think they could afford it and I love it. One of the only non- Kenyans at the school I was treated like one of the gang. As soon I was transferred to the exclusive St. Mary's I found out I was American because I was picked on for it.  Anyway click here for a preview of the 1st book I made: MY EYE! by David Hinnebusch
  FOOD - I had a few weeks of this organic veggies and fruits basket ($20 not a bad deal) so I threw all the veggies in a big pot and then the blender and then the freezer. I cut up all the fruit and froze that too.  I've been eating it for months now and I was think yesterday 1st how great it tasted and 2nd that I wasn't wasting food.  AND I Googled a delicious smoothie combination using almond milk, persimmons, pears and oranges and cinnamon.
  NEXT ISSUE:  not sure, still packing for NYC   #Pablum Pickerasso™ and PablumPickerassoQuotes™ crazyartlifetalk™  will mostly never be registered trademarks of  WWW.FAKEART.NET NET NET™ and Hinnebusch Fictitious Industries™ before you know it.  

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