Hinnebusch Art Store on ZAZZLE now live!

spacer.gifspacer.gifWell I was telling at least one of my friends I had secret special news! A little over a year ago I got to have an art exhibit at a very cool little restaurant on Zuma Beach in Malibu. The show was curated by Brigitte Perrault and after the show she signed a deal with me to represent all my art licensing interests and this year she closed a deal with one of the largest manufacturers of printable goods in the world- Zazzle!, which is cool because I LOVE ZAZZLE!!- Many of my collectors have Zazzle hats I made them with their Hinne-art on it! - So that's it- check it out and use this link to do it: HAPPY I HEART HINNE-ART SHOPPING!!! If you buy something off this link let me know I'll send you a free signed print ;)David CLICKIT http://www.zazzle.com/brigitteperreault/products/cg-196324144455628032?rf=238951492643472138 #HFN #ZAZZLE #HINNEBUSCHART #GIFTIDEAS

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