The Delorean in Palm Springs - Painting by David Hinnebusch

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48x60in. acrylic on canvas

From the artist:

"I made this painting when I went out to Palm Springs to catch a lunar eclipse across the street from Elvis's Honeymoon Hideout. But I'm a Beatles fan and they hold the #1 spot on my favorite music list. I haven't been listening to them on my vinyl LP record playing device for years now as I have a Beatles allergy right now- it's weird but I can't seem to get into them like I did when I was. I find that weird as there is some music I have had on regular rotation for decades now- Mike Oldfield for example. And the Beatles are amazing songs. I wonder if art is like that. I wonder if I would get tired of my PIcasso but never my Hinnebusch? I know that the very first Hinnebusch painting I ever sold went into a S. Doheny Dr. house in Beverly Hills next to some of them Picasso paintings and the like, and after a few years, the buyer gave it to her rock and roll son so I should ask him if it's still on his wall.."