Translux- Works on Paper - David Hinnebusch Artworks

Tranlux is a body of paintings made from ephemera from the life of David Hinnebusch going back to his childhood in Africa, then to art from the punk rock band in the mid-1980s, to studio drawings in Santa Monica in the mid-2000s. It includes a rare offering of drawings made into new paintings (he normally never sells his drawings.)

Also here, a new body of artworks inspired by the automobile. Keeping with David Hinnebusch's intention to keep his work a semi-autobiographical document of his life and work he tells the story after the Translux film below:


Translux the Movie is a mix of car paintings and the re-purposing of art he made starting as a kid up to that time. In his film, made in his style, Hinnebusch collages old works, draws, glues and paints in a one hour time lapse done over a week of painting in the home of Lisa Rosen near UCLA. This film is long and not entertaining unless you truly love watching an artist created in his action painting style:

Note: This artwork contains mature content. 

"In 2012, I'd been trying to get Steven Spielberg to look at my work. It had been sitting at his house for 4 months. I'll be completely honest. I was mad at him for a couple years for ruining my surfing career but when I say Close Encounters, I fell in love with filmmaking and I have Norman Rockwell as one of my favorite artists in common with him and his wife is an artist so, though I wasn't expecting to sell him a painting, I wanted to try. Well, after 4 months I gave up and went to his house to get it and got yelled at by security and went home after I got my book back. So my kid and I stop at the local supermarket and when I park next to this black Maybach, I joke with the driver about coming with the car (I'd heard they didn't let you drive your own car.) he laughed and said The Annenbergs owned it and I said 'OO!- they collect art right?' - he says yes and I ask to give him my artbook and he says yes again and I think cool! From aliens to TV Guide, not a bad upgrade in the my marketing quest.
So I run home and Google Annenberg and Maybach and immediately get invited to see the new Bentley SUV in Beverly Hills- see Google is smart- they know who you are, who you are trying to sell art to and where you are at all times. Needless to say, I told the Google ad I would love paint the new Bentley SUV and next Monday I had a meeting and got the job painting live for the preview of the new car. The next year I did it again and also went up to Carmel to paint live there as well. which doesn't end the how story because when I was a kid and all the kids in my boarding school were making these amazing perspective drawings of rally cars (I was living in East Africa and rally racing was our obsession) I couldn't draw to save my life and it wasn't until I was in my mid-20s that I discovered art making again.