Press Clipping from of David Hinnebusch Artworks

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A selection of short run tops & bottoms with David Hinnebusch art in the area.

Hinnebusch Designs have been seen in these famous locations:

Black and BLue Men's Wear, Santa Monica, California Pamela Barish, Venice, California
Claudia Milan, Venice, California Gago | Boutique de prêt à porter – Aix-en-Provence
Hacked Club Venice Califoria Lavish on Melrose


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Most collections will be semi-limited to 100 piece runs to help create a sense of danger. If you are a David Hinnebusch art collector or are one of the 1st 100 customers of Hinneline Apparel every year, expect a special thank you and a gift you can give a friend!



THIS MONTH: The Yoga Chop Shop (Yoga pants and tops!)