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Hi, my name is David Hinnebusch I am a los angeles based artist. I have been painting and selling my art since 2000. When I was a kid I lived in Kenya, East Africa and there I wrote a couple novels (written by an 8-year-old novels) about orphan children adventuring. As a teen, I'd become an avid Dungeons and Dragons player and creator and made a newsletter for my DnD friends and as an adult continued to write fiction. In the last 5 years I started work on a graphic novel I expect to animate. I also love doing yoga (especially cause I'm an old punk rocker with old punk rocker injuries that need stretching and yoga-ing,) and I love climbing stairs in Santa Monica. 

This store has my art and some clothing designs for yoga and t-shirt designs from and for the characters in my graphic novel. I would like to do ceramics again as well, but there is barely enough time to paint, let alone edit this monster of a graphic novel I've made (It's 500 pages as of March 2020). I've also written 8 cartoon sitcom style seasons of content that follow the novel, so there is lots to do!

Aa for the art I'm selling here, feel free to call me 1-424-235-5338 and I can give you a virtual tour of available originals (mostly prices by age and whether they are on canvas or paper.)